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Benjamin in communist Russia, or the USSR, would be an old intellectual or professor. Someone that has a good education and that has read about similar
revolutions, which have not worked. He is smart in the sense that he knows about Napoleon’s tyranny enough to keep quiet. He knows that if he speaks or
acts against Napoleon he might get hurt. He knows that Napoleon would not tolerate opposition.

Gloomy Benjamin, the donkey, may remind you of Eeyore in "Winnie-the-Pooh", except that unlike Eeyore he never complains about his own personal
problems. He does not worry people with his problems. He is a very reserved animal which doe not like people bussing into his life. Like his friend, Boxer, he
doesn't talk much; this is probably because of his fear of Napoleon, and patiently does his work. Although, unlike Boxer, he does no more than is required. He
likes Boxer quiet a lot and this can be seen when boxer is hurt and Benjamin is constantly warning him of what might happen if he works to hard. This is a show
of sympathy and preoccupation. All this is a true sign that Benjamin is Boxer’s friend.

Benjamin does not share his thoughts very often. Whatever political questions Benjamin is asked, he reply only that "Donkeys live a long time" and "None of
you has ever seen a dead donkey." He tries not to comment too much on the farm. He fears that if he says what he thinks he might be killed. He knows of
Napoleons tyranny and therefore is very careful of what he says. He show of friendship towards Boxer is clearly shown on the last few chapters of the book.

Benjamin knows what is going on in the farm. He knows that the government is corrupting and that the ideals of Animalism have change. When they catch
Snowball changing the commandments he is the only one that understands what was going on. "[…]Benjamin, who nodded his muzzle with a knowing air, and
seemed to understand[…]". He never, not even at the start, believed in Animalism.

His character is completely changed when he discovered that they were going to kill Boxer. Unlike his usual self he comes shouting across the farm that Boxer
was being taken away. "It was the first time that they had ever seen Benjamin excited[…]" This phrase shows that Benjamin was clearly not a very usual talker
and this emphasises the great friend like love he had for Boxer. He losses his patios for the first time when the animals do not understand that Boxer are going
to be killed. "Fools! Do you not see what is written on the side of that van?" Benjamin risks his own neck for boxer (which is not what we would expect from a
cynic) when he tells the animals that Boxer is going to be killed.

The animals see in Benjamin a wise but quiet animal. He is their "bridge" between the government and them. He reads the final commandment to the animals.
He is the one that understands what is going on he is their "professor" and "guide".

Benjamin is a sceptic and a pessimist we could almost say a cynic, if it were not for his loyal devotion to Boxer. He is also unlike Boxer in that he does not
believe in the Revolution or in anything else, except in what he has seen and felt. He believes only that life is hard and that it will always be that way. He is the
only one that knew and saw the corruption of the pigs. He is wise and his hard life made him what he is rancorous. In the end his wisdom and knowledge lets
him survive through something he never believed in.