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(A view of Snowball) II


One night Old Major gathered all the animals on the farm for a reunion. The cause of this was to tell all other animals about his dream of last night. Three nights later Old major passed away leaving only his dream (theory). After the Old Major, the other pigs, Snowball and Napoleon followed the theory. The pigs were always the leaders or the smarter ones. After the revolution a lot of ideas came up, from the two pigs. It was there when power, jealousy and intelligence crashed.


Snowball clearly is portraying the Soviet expatriate Leon Trotsky. Trotsky was seen as Stalin’s opponent for the leader of the Soviet Union and as a result Stalin expelled him. Trotsky was also viewed as a better leader than Stalin, and probably a more just one. Though we'll never know, Trotsky probably would have been a better Leader than Stalin.


Snowball was a visionary pig he always looks to the future to change the past. All his views were to serve the animals and not for him self. Snowball was incredibly intellectual, he had the best ideas in the farm. It was he who designed and mounted the plans for the Windmill, which later is sabotaged by the sinister Napoleon. Snowball is an energetic, brilliant leader. He's the one who successfully organizes the defense of the Farm (like Trotsky with the Red Army). He's an eloquent speaker with original- although not necessarily beneficial- ideas (the windmill). Snowball main idea was to improve Animal farm technologically. We can also admire Snowball for being so brave during the revolution. He was shot by one of the men.


After a lot of changes in the farm, two main ideas came up. Snowball’s idea was to improve and modernize the farm. But Napoleon’s idea was to continue on the way they were, just working for food. On the day of election, as Snowball was giving his speech, some dogs (Stalin’s secret police) which napoleon had trained from puppies attacked and chased Snowball out of the farm. All the hard work of creating the Windmill was over. It was then when another pig Squealer, convinced the animals that Snowball was unnecessary for the farm, and that the windmill was his idea.